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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A couple interesting points

Not those points! Though one of the points is related, I suppose. Point 1; isn't it interesting that in spite of my having left a post with the word lingerie prominently displayed, the blog ads spiders have not picked up on that salacious word and found me some interesting advertisements. If I post the word "scooter" or "blog" or "college", the ads change in very short order. But apparently "lingerie" doesn't click with the advertisers. BTW, I didn't leave it up there to be rude or salacious, I've just been keeping pretty busy.

Point 2: How about that fancy font in the previous post? Isn't that pretty cool? That post I emailed in from the job. Previously, I used to have problems with emailing in posts because Blogger only accepted plain text emails. Which, I forgot about and just forwarded that Dr's office joke using the html format that my boss used when he sent it to me. And, surprise! The html format shows up in the post looking just like it did in my inbox! Isn't that cute? I may have to exploit that new capability a little bit!

Finally, I'm pretty amazed that none of my recent posts have garnered enough interest to rouse my capable readers into a comment or two...

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